You live overseas ? Your French is not good enough to understand legal jargon ? i am here to help

French Probate / Succession

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Navigating French inheritance

Your loved one passed away , you live overseas and you do not speak enough French to understand the legal jargon ? No worries I am here to help

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How I can help heirs living abroad

French inheritance laws are complex and unique compared to those of other countries. I can provide valuable assistance to ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficently :

  1. Understanding your legal obligations France  has a distinct legal framework governing inheritance known as « succession » I can guide you through the entire process, ensuring compliance with French laws and regulations.

  2. translation and interpretation : language barriers can impede effective communication. I can bridge this gap by ensuring that you fully understand the legal documents and proceedings. I will ensure that  your interests are protected.

  3. Tax Implications: Inheritance taxation in france can be complex, with different rules and rates .I can help you understand your tax obligations, minimize tax liabilities and ensure compliance with French tax laws.

  4.  Assistance with documentation: Gathering the necessary documentation for inheritance proceedings can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a foreign legal system. I can assist you in obtaining and organizing the required paperwork, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

  5. Assessing estate value : Determining the total value of the estate, including all assets and liabilities is essential for calculating taxes owed.

  6. French equivalent of Power of Attorney (procuration): If you are unable to be physically present in France the legal documents can be signed remotely. This legal document allows someone to act on your behalf, and I can guide you through the process of establishing and granting such authority.

  7. Currency Exchange Considerations: Advising on currency exchange considerations if the inheritance involves the conversion of funds from a different currency to euros. I can help you understand the implications and work with financial institutions to facilitate the transfer of funds.

  8. Handling Legal Formalities: Guiding you through the various legal formalities associated with the inheritance and ensuring compliance with French inheritance laws.

  9. Resolving Potential Disputes: Providing legal assistance in case of any disputes that may arise during the inheritance process, such as disagreements between heirs or issues related to the condition of the property.

Engaging me as your lawyer is essential to protect your interests. I can help you to minimize potential complications and maximize your chance of achieving successful outcomes.

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