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Transfer of Property

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You jointly purchased a property in France 

You now like to transfer into your own name

You find it hard to communicate in French

You are unfamiliar with the French legal system 

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When transfering property in France, it’s crucial to navigate the legal landscape to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. As a legal professional, here are some key services I offer to individuals or entities looking to transfer real estate in France:

Due Diligence 

Conduct a legal examination of the property to identify any potential issues or risks. This includes verifying the property title,  or obtain a copy of the property title if you have lost yours.

Contract Review and Drafting 

Assist in reviewing legal documents, such as the acte de partage, to protect your interests and clarify terms and conditions.

Negotiation Support

Provide guidance and support during negotiations with the other party. This includes giving you clear guidance of what is allowed under French laws especially regarding the expenses you may have incured.

Financing and Mortgage Advice 

Offer advice on financing options and mortgage agreements, guiding clients through the complex process of obtaining a mortgage in France if needed.

Legal Compliance 

Ensure that the transaction complies with all relevant French real estate laws and regulations.

Tax Implications 

Advise on the tax implications  including droit de partage,  unpaid property taxes if any,  and any other relevant taxes. Help clients optimize their tax position within the legal framework.

Notary Coordination

Work closely with notaries involved in the transaction to facilitate the transfer of ownership, ensuring that all legal requirements are met, and necessary documents are properly executed.

Dispute Resolution (if needed):

Provide legal representation and assistance in case of any disputes that may arise during or after the property transfer process, including litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods.

Foreign Buyer Considerations 

Address specific legal considerations for foreign buyers, such as residency requirements, currency exchange issues, and any restrictions on property ownership by non-residents.

By offering these legal services, I can help clients navigate the intricacies of the French real estate market and ensure a legally sound and secure property acquisition process.

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