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If you are looking to sell your property in France from overseas, instructing me as your Lawyer in France can be crucial to navigating the legal complexities of the real estate transaction. I will be able to provide various forms of legal assistance, including:

  1. Legal Due Diligence: Conducting a thorough legal examination of the property’s documentation to ensure that all required legal formalities have been met. This includes verifying the title, and any existing encumbrances or restrictions. If you do not keep your original deed of sale I will be able to obtain a copy.

  2. Contract Preparation and Review: Assisting in the preparation or review of legal documents related to the sale, such as the preliminary sales agreement (compromis de vente or promesse de vente) and the final sales contract (acte de vente). I will ensure that the terms protect your interests.

  3. Tax Implications: Providing advice on the tax implications of selling property in France, including capital gains tax and any other taxes related to the sale.I can help you optimize your tax position and ensure compliance with French tax laws.

  4. Notary Coordination: Working with the notary who handles the property transaction. The notary is a crucial figure in French real estate transactions, and I will liaise with him to ensure that all legal requirements are met and that the necessary documents are properly executed.

  5. Representation in Negotiations: Representing your interests in negotiations with the buyer or their legal representatives. I will help you navigate any negotiation points, ensuring that your concerns are addressed and that the transaction is fair and transparent.

  6. French equivalent of Power of Attorney (procuration): If you are unable to be physically present in France for the sale the deed of sale can be signed remotely. This legal document allows someone to act on your behalf, and I can guide you through the process of establishing and granting such authority.

  7. Currency Exchange Considerations: Advising on currency exchange considerations if the sale involves the conversion of funds from a different currency to euros. I can help you understand the implications and work with financial institutions to facilitate the transfer of funds.

  8. Handling Legal Formalities: Guiding you through the various legal formalities associated with the sale and ensuring compliance with French real estate laws.

  9. Resolving Potential Disputes: Providing legal assistance in case of any disputes that may arise during the selling process, such as disagreements with the buyer or issues related to the condition of the property.

  10. Closing the Sale: Overseeing the final steps of the transaction, including the signing of the deed of sale and the transfer of ownership. I can ensure that all legal requirements are met for a smooth closing.

Engaging me as your lawyer is essential to protect your interests and ensure a legally sound sale when you are selling property in France from overseas. I can guide you through each step of the process and help you navigate the intricacies of French property law.

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