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Need to purchase, sell or transfer a French property? Totally lost with French law? I am here to help!

Fully Bilingual French Lawyer                    Areas Covered : All of France

Purchase a property

Wherever you want to buy in France (cities or countryside) , whatever you want to buy ( appartment, residential property, lake, business) I can help

Selling a property

You want to be sure the selling process will go to its end ? You find the communication with the real estate agent and notaire difficult ? I can help

Transfer of ownership

You have to transfer the ownership after the death or the owner or after divorce / separation ( with or without divorce judgment) I can help


I will help you to buy a property at auction, anywhere in France. Included : judicial auctions, auctions from Notaires. Start dreaming I am here to help

French probate / succession

Your loved one passed away, he/she owned a property in France and you do not know where to start : I am here to help. Areas covered : all of France

Property deeds

Will help family attorney / solicitor in the disclosure process to obtain property deeds for any property in France. Also help individuals to obtain any property deed in France

Lawyer since 1995
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About me

Fully bilingual lawyer familiar with Common Law ( former L.S.E. student) I am able to understand your needs as a foreigner and provide assistance regarding property issues. Admitted to the Paris Bar in 1995.

I  work closely with a team including a Notaire, an accountant, a bailiff, a translator, an architect, an insurance company and I am able to provide a full service for any English speaking client relating to any property issues.
English-speaking people (British, Scottish, Dutch, Irish, South africans) are a a large part of my clients.


George ( UK and Canada)

« If you need legal representation anywhere in France for the sale/purchase as a native or non native French person in realestate or family law, you need to engage Laure Chaveron »

Lena ( UK)

« Madame Chaveron understood our concerns and being able to converse in English was a huge bonus. Her advice was invaluable and reassuring for us »

ND ( UK)

Experienced bilingual lawyer. Speaks fluent French and English and steered us through the stages for a successful house purchase in France. Personable and professional.

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Regulated by C.N.B ( French equivalent of solicitors regulation authority)

Registered before French Bar association ( number 35877)

More than 25 years experience

Member of the Paris Bar association for 15 years

Graduated from Sorbonne & L.S.E universities

Magistère de droit des activités économiques from Sorbonne University Paris I ( equivalent of L.LM) and graduated from the London School of Economics

Fully bilingual

I am fully bilingual and I am also capable to understand your specific needs as foreigner .

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property purchase surveys

The Ins and Outs of France’s Property Purchase Surveys

Compulsory surveys in France are essential, safeguarding property transactions by assessing conditions and risks. They protect buyers, ensuring informed decisions through a legal framework that mandates their execution, covering energy, safety, and environmental assessments.